Our coaching staff is available to advise athletes on which mix of classes is right for their individual goals.


FITNESS - Level 1+


Our Fitness program is for new CrossFitters and was the first of its kind in Dallas. The goal of Fitness is to teach the foundational movements of CrossFit providing the bedrock for a lifetime of athleticism. We work with each athlete at their own fitness level to teach great movement while improving strength, endurance, and flexibility. No matter what shape you’re in starting out, Fitness will both challenge you and bring you dramatic results. If you’re new to CrossFit 214, we recommend Fitness make up a majority of your classes for the first several  months.




For experienced crossfitters

Our athletics program builds on our Fitness program by increasing complexity of movement and progressing training for the experienced CrossFitter.

Once you’re comfortable with all of the basic movements, Athletics will take your fitness to the next level. You’ll find scaling available to all fitness levels, with a focus on virtuosity of movement.


For experienced crossfitters interested in strength training

Strength is never a weakness! For athletes who are looking to augment their fitness with some dedicated strength training, or for those who just like to lift.

Our strength program will work wonders for those who did not start CrossFit with a significant base of strength.  Without adding unnecessary mass, we will build functional strength that translates not only to CrossFit, but to the every day world around you.


For competitive crossfitters

Sports programming is for those interested in competing in the sport of CrossFit. While not for everyone, the seasoned CrossFitter looking for an edge in competition will find it here.

The sports program pairs our Athletics program with other specialty programs to elicit a potent dose response. If you’re interested in participating in the Sports program but not sure if it fits your goals, feel free to consult our coaching staff.