We'd love for you to join us!

We could tell you a lot about how great CrossFit 214 is, but we feel strongly that experience is worth a thousand words.

Come in and try us for a week! It only costs $1 - what do you have to lose?!


Keep in mind...

You don't have to get in shape before joining!


All of our experienced athletes you see doing super intense things were once in your shoes thinking about signing up for their first class. They pulled the trigger and slowly got better until they are where they are today. If you can show up we’ll show you the way to the best shape of your life.

Being a little intimidated is normal.

Once you walk through our doors you’re one of us. Our environment is 100% supportive and positive. Everyone is challenged by CrossFit and nobody ever got good by cutting others down. You can expect our community to be welcoming and to help you learn the ropes. We were all once beginners. Before you know it you may be the veteran helping others learn their way around.


We don’t care if you’re fat, skinny, old, young, black, white, or purple. Our only requirement is a willingness to do the work and a desire to improve.

We will take care of the rest!




No! All CrossFit gyms are individually owned and operated, we are not a franchise. Our affiliation to CrossFit is based on our passion for quality training and programming as well as our love for chasing athletic capacity.

Are you just paying for someone to tell you what to do? Or is there real coaching and teaching going on? Are you learning new skills and moving forward?


Isn’t CrossFit dangerous?!

No, actually CrossFit is quite safe. Our injury rates are very low especially compared with risky scenarios like recreational kickball or adult soccer leagues. Even done poorly, our movements are inherently safe.

Additionally our knowledgeable coaching staff is invested in your long term athletic development. We’re in no rush to push you harder than you can handle. We find a methodical approach to learning the movements first before adding intensity not only keeps athletes safer but produces far superior performance.


Will I get big and bulky doing CrossFit?

Unlikely. If you’re female you will always look female, there’s no risk of “looking like a dude.” Even our ladies who have been trying for years to get as strong as humanly possible still look very feminine and tell us they love their body. Living in a body that can DO things gives a level of confidence that looking a certain way never could. In a world of confusing and damaging body issues don’t you deserve to see what an athletic version of you looks like? So far we haven’t found anyone that didn’t like it.


What if I have an old injury or movement limitations?

We find things like chronic back pain, achy knees, and other pains often simply disappear as we get you moving well. If your issues requires a little more attention we’d love to chat directly with you. You can email our Director of Coaching, Tyler@crossfit214.com and we’ll reach out to answer your questions and see if we’re the right gym for you. Additionally, we can modify just about anything to accommodate any scenario. We’re also experts at rehabilitation and just might have the expertise you need to get back to 100%.


Only $1 for 1 week