Workout of the Day

Tues 5-16-17

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Athletics WOD

A. 3RFT:
7 Shoulder to OH 185/125
15 Toes to Bar
B. Accumulate 60 sec in a parallete L-Sit

Fitness WOD

A. Backsquat 4-4-4-4 – rest 90-120sec – lightest set should be 80%+ of heaviest set
B. 3 sets:
Max Strict Pullups
Max Pushups
Rest 2min

Scale to complete at least 5 reps of each

Strength WOD

A1. Backsquat 5×3 reps @ 3211 Tempo – rest 90sec
A2. Strict Weighted Pullups 5x 4-6 reps – rest 90 sec
B. 3 sets:
50m Farmers Carry Heavy – rest while partner carries return trip – use farmers handles, KB, or DB. Minimums should be 70/53


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