Workout of the Day

Tues 12-12-17

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Athletics WOD

A. 6 sets:
20 sec Max Cal AB
Rest 2:40Complete 12 slow PVC OH walking lunges during rest time

B. EMOM Alternating x 8min:
Even: 10m Handstand Walk
Odd: 10 Hanging Straight Leg Raises

Fitness WOD

3 RFT:
400m Run
21 KBS 53/35
12 Pullups

Strength WOD

A. Deadlift 5RM in 18min – Sets must be touch and go. A regrip or rest on the ground constitutes a broken set

B. Complete:
2min per side psoas smash
100 Banded Glute Bridges (green band)


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