Workout of the Day

Thurs 11-9-17

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Athletics WOD

A. “Dianne”
Deadlift 225/155

B. Hip Flexor Smash 4min/side

Fitness WOD

A. Backsquat 6×5 Reps lifting every 90 sec – sets across – increase 5-10lbs from last week

B. 3 sets max strict pullups – rest 2min – increase total at same scaling from last week

Strength WOD

A. Snatch Lifting E2m:
3@ 70%, 3@75%, 2×2@80%, 3×1@85%

B. 4x
Strict Muscle Up
Kipping Muscle Up
Kipping Ring Dips
“Muscle-Up Camp”
False Grip Hang,
Strict (Banded) CTB,
Strict (Banded) Ring Dip

Sets must be done unbroken without leaving the rings if doing it RXed, with minimal rest between movements if scaling. To complete a set you must hit the same number of reps on all three movements. If you did this workout last week try to add one rep to at least one of your sets vs. last week.

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