Workout of the Day

Thurs 10-5-17

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Athletics WOD

A. AMRAP 15min
10m Walking Lunge
10m Walking Lunge
3 Bar Muscle Ups

B. 10min Splits Practice

Fitness WOD

A. Backsquat 8-8-8-8 – lightest set should be within 80% of heaviest set or count it as a warmup – last set should be RPE 8
Follow each set of squats with a Max Set of Strict Pullups

B. For Time:
750m Row
50 Wallball
30 Pullups

Strength WOD

A. Backsquat 5×1 @ (90-92.5-95-97.5-92.5%) Every 2:30

B. 4 sets:
10-15 reps BB Bicep Curl
10-15 reps BB Skull Crusher
10-15 reps Plate Curl
10-15 reps Tricep Band Pulldown



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