Workout of the Day

Thurs 10-12-17

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Athletics WOD

For Time:
Thrusters 95/65
Toes to Bar
Burpee Over Bar

Fitness WOD

A. Backsquat 6×5 Reps lifting every 90 sec – sets across

B. 50 Burpee Pullups for Time

Strength WOD

A. Backsquat 4 sets: (4@75% 3@80% 2@85% 1@90%) – Lifting Every 2:00:
Then 4×1:(95%-101%+-101%+-101%+ ) Lifting Every 2:30
This allows for three attemps at a new 1RM. Start with 5lbs over your pre-cycle test 1RM and increase if possible

B. 4 sets:
10-12 reps per arm DB Piston Press
10-15 reps Delt Front Raise
10-15 reps Delt Lateral Raisex
10-15 reps Reverse Fly

Use light DB or change plates for DB delt work


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