Workout of the Day

Sat 12-2-17

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Athletics WOD

5 sets per arm building in weight
Starting every 2min:
3 Single Arm DB Push Press
6 Single Arm DB Push Jerk
20m DB OH Carry

Fellas start at 50lbs, Ladies start at 35lbs. Do one full set on the R arm, then at the start of the next 2min do the L arm, two minutes later increase weight on do the R arm etc

Fitness WOD

With a partner complete for time:
Row 5000m

Partners may switch as often as they like, however once leaving the rower that partner must complete 20 pushups before they may return to the rower

Strength WOD

A. 4 sets each starting every 4min:
8 Front Squats
12 Back Squats

Miminize rest between movements for an unbroken feel to each set. Use the same weight for all movements in a set. Build in weight each set


B. 4x
Max Strict Muscle Up
AMRAP (-1) Kipping Muscle Up
AMRAP (-1) Kipping Ring Dips
“Muscle-Up Camp”
Max False Grip Hang,
5-8 Strict (Banded) CTB,
5-8 Strict (Banded) Ring Dip


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