Workout of the Day

Sat 11-4-17

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Athletics WOD

3 rounds each with a partner
15 DB Deadlift 50s/35s
12 DB Hang Power Clean
9 DB Push Jerk
1 Legless Rope Climb

One partner completes a round of the dumbell work while the other does one legless rope climb, once both partners finish they can switch

Fitness WOD

A. Ring Dip and Ring Support Skill Development

B. 21-15-9
Deadlift 205/145
2x DU’s or Lateral Bar Hops

Strength WOD

A. KB Split Sq 3×8 per leg @ 2020 tempo – rest 90 sec between legs

B. 4x
Strict Muscle Up
Kipping Muscle Up
Kipping Ring Dips
“Muscle-Up Camp”
False Grip Hang,
Strict (Banded) CTB,
Strict (Banded) Ring Dip

Sets must be done unbroken without leaving the rings if doing it RXed, with minimal rest between movements if scaling. To complete a set you must hit the same number of reps on all three movements. If you did this workout last week subtract one rep from biggest set and complete all 4 sets at that volume

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