Workout of the Day

Mon 10-9-17

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Athletics WOD

A. C&J 6×1 @ (80-85-90-95-90-85%) Lifting every 2min

B. Row 3x500m @ 85% effort
Rest 1:1 – Record times for each. Goal is fastest sustainable pace across intervals. Even out pacing or increase speed from last week. Improvements of 2-3sec per 500m are substantial.

Fitness WOD

A. Hang Power Snatch (Above Knee) + Power Snatch EMOM x 12
Start light and add 5-10lbs each minute as technique allows. Build up to a heavy set
Compare to 9-20-17

B. 2RFT:
15 Burpees
30 Power Snatch 75/55
60 Double Unders/ 120 Single Unders


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