214’s Athletics classes are programmed with the goal of general physical preparedness for the CrossFit athlete.  In addition to creating fit individuals for today, we also feel a responsibility to train our athletes with the expectation that they will be active for the rest of their lives.  You will find strength work, energy system training, mobility practice, and skill development as regular components of the advanced program.  True to the roots of CrossFit, expect to be able to do more, faster, heavier, and with better technique.


In our Athletics Classes you can expect:


  • Relevant mobility work
  • Coach-led warmup specific to the day’s training
  • Individual attention and knowledge of your athletic abilities/history
  • Focus on movement virtuosity
  • Emphasis on technique and execution
  • A positive yet competitive environment
  • Appropriate class size



If you are already an experienced CrossFitter and are confident with the barbell, gymnastic, and auxiliary movements we use at CrossFit 214, you’ll be at home in our Athletics classes.   We also encourage you to take our Specialty classes as you feel appropriate, which are included with membership.   Please send us questions at: info@crossfit214.com.