Workout of the Day



WODS for Sat Jul 4, 2015 [This Week’s Training]

Special July 4th Holiday Hours: Open Gym 9am-12pm @ Ross.  Lemmon is closed.

  • Independence WOD

    In teams of 2:
    4 Rounds for Time:
    7 Tire Flips
    17 Burpees (partners perform 17 burpees in unison)
    76 Total Hammer Strikes
    13 OH Walking Lunges / partner / leg (45/25)


  • Fitness WOD

    AMRAP 25min
    With a partner one person working at a time:
    400m Run
    10 Pullups
    20 Wallball 20-10/14-9
    *Compare to 4-25-15*

  • Power WOD

    A. 4 sets Heavy – Front Squat + Backsquat 1.3 – Rest 3min – Start at 90% 1RM FS
    B. Press 6×4 reps – Rest 90-120sec
    C. Evil Wheels 4×8-10 reps – Rest as needed

  • Olympic WOD

    A. 3 Position Snatch (Floor, in front of the knee, mid thigh) – 6 sets rest as needed
    B. 3 sets of:
    Jerk Balance Triple – moderate for speed and tech
    C. 3 sets of:
    Push Press Triple – Heavy

  • Mobility WOD

    A) Crocodile Breathing or Kettlebell Breathing
    5-10 minutes post workout, before bed, or in the morning
    B) Cervical Range of Motion 2×2’s
    10 reps with a 2 second hold of each movement (lateral flexion, rotation, and extension. NOT flexion)
    Recommend doing once or twice a day, more if deficiency is found in testing
    C) Over the Shoulders
    10 reps per side, 1-2 times a day or more if deficiency is found in testing