Workout of the Day



WODS for Tues Sept 23, 2014

  • Advanced WOD

    A. Deadlift 1RM in 15min
    B. Skill Development: Handstand / HSPU

    Post weight and Max Reps HSPU or Max Time HS Hold to comments


  • Foundations WOD

    A1. Supine bar row AMRAP (-1) – 4 sets Rest 60 sec
    A2. TGU 3-3-3-3 AHAP Rest 60 secs

    B. 2 sets
    :40sec Front Plank hold/:20sec rest
    :40sec Right side Plank Hold/:20sec rest
    :40sec Left side Plank Hold/:20sec rest


  • Power Athlete WOD

    A. Deadlift 6 x 1
    B. Press 5 x 5
    C. Reverse Crunches 3 x 10-15 reps – add slamball for difficulty