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WODS for Sat Dec 20, 2014 [This Week's Training]

  • Advanced WOD

    Starting every 4min x 4 sets:
    Run 400m
    12 Shoulder to OH 115/75


  • Foundations WOD

    With a partner alternating for time and 4 rounds each of:
    Row 300/250m
    5 reps each arm KB or DB Push Press
    10 Goblet Squats
    Run 200m


  • Power Athlete WOD

    A. OT2M x 6 sets: 3 Back squat @ 85%
    B. EMOM Alternating x 10 sets:
    E. 6-8 Strict Ring Dips @ 2111
    O. 10-15 Toes to Bar


  • Olympic Lifting WOD

    A. Snatch to a 1RM in 15min
    B. Clean and Jerk to a max in 15min
    Compare to 10-18-14