Workout of the Day

Un Poco

AirdyneDuoBW_SmallCF Advanced

A. AMRAP 12min
10 Ring Rows
10 Pushups
10 Alternating Jumping Lunges
B. OTM X 5min
Max Effort L-Sit on Rings/Parallettes/Boxes


A. E2M x 8 sets
1 C&J @ 85%
B. Press 5RM
C. GHR 4x 10-12 reps Weighted

Power Athlete

A. 2 Power Clean EMOM x 8
B. Back Squat 6 x 2
C. Press 6 x 2



Inaugural 9am Saturday Advanced: To kick off the start of the 9am Saturday Summer schedule, we will be holding two 90-minute classes on Saturday — the first at 9am and the second (Olympic Lifting) at 10:30am.  RSVPs for these two classes will not be capped. Get ready to test your Crossfit Total.  Classes will return to 9/10/11am next Saturday.

No Sunday (Easter) Open Gym this Week

Pullup Seminar Saturday – 1230-200pm Saturday. Register online via mindbody on the Seminars tab after you login. ($25)