Workout of the Day

Sweet Potato Pie


Thanksgiving Week Schedule:
Wed: Normal Classes
Thurs: Closed
Fri: Open Gym 1-4pm @ Ross
Sat: Normal Classes
Sun: Open Gym 1-4pm @ Lemmon
WODS for Wed Nov, 25, 2015 [This Week’s Training]

  • Athletics WOD

    A. Handstand Skill Dev
    B. For Time:
    Power Clean 135/95
    Ring Dips


  • Fitness WOD

    A. Push Jerk 3-3-2-2-1-1-1
    B. 3 sets for reps:
    60 sec Wallball 20-10/14-9
    60 sec Box Jumps 24/20
    60 sec K2E
    Rest 60 sec


  • Strength WOD

    A. KB/DB Split Squat 4×6 reps per leg @ 3030 tempo – Rest 2min
    B. Standing BB Press 5×5 reps rest 90-120sec- start at ~70% of 1RM
    C. Weighted Pass Through 4×6 reps light to moderate


  • Mobility WOD – Active Rx Video Link
    Air Squat Challenge

    Attempt to hold the bottom of an airsquat as long as possible.
    Recommended cut off time for 5 minutes.

    Make sure you are very warm before attempting this. After your
    workout for the day is a great time.

    While you are doing this pay attention to your body. Where do you feel tight?
    What burns? What feels like it could move better? Next week we will be going over
    common signs during this test and what you can do about them!

    If you want to start improving your squat now, try to spend 10 minutes total at the bottom of the
    squat daily. Doesn’t have to be in one go, but can be in several small sets throughout the day.